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     As a western entertainer and musician, I have heard a passel of cowboy poets throughout the years.  Tim Nolting is one of the best.  Tim brings non-sentimental, real-life experience to his cowboy poems.  His easy-going yet thoughtful style is both amusing and thought provoking.  His poetry can take you from tears to laughter and back again within minutes.  Having hosted cowboy poetry events myself,  I've seen first-hand that Tim is a favorite with audiences and fellow performers alike.  I'm always eager to hear his newest poems and I hope I won't have to wait long for the next one.

Brad Fitch
folk and western singer/songwriter
Estes Park, Colorado

"Another hot, riveting experience watching Tim Nolting dance a Strauss waltz in his Levi jeans..."

Rick and Ricki Thompson

Sierra Vista, AZ

A Bit of "Cow Hoss"
by M. Timothy Nolting

    You hear the pans a-rattlin',
    an' smell coffee on the breeze.
    An' the stingin' on your nose,
    tells you last night come a freeze.

    The tarp atop your soogans,
    is covered white with frost.
    An' the splashin' at the river,
    says the cavvy's comin' 'crost.

    But it's time to quit your bedroll,
    grab an ol' tin coffee cup,
    for the coffee is a-steamin',
    an' it helps to warm you up.


        (The entire poem is on Tim's CD
       "Backtrails" and can be purchased
       at the General Store)



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