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Welcome to my website.
I've been performing my own style of cowboy poetry since my first open-mic session in 1988 at Elko, Nevada's, increasingly popular Cowboy Poetry Gathering. Since that time I have performed at gatherings and assorted venues across much of the western United States and a few back east. In recent years performing at poetry gatherings across the country has taken a back-seat to other endeavors but I do routinely perform for organizations around our area of Nebraska, South Dakota, Colorado and Wyoming.
For the past several years I have reduced the number of appearances I've made as life took on a few changes in course and other venues vied for my time. Circumstances of my own choosing took me away from the day-to-day routine of cow work and ranch chores and I settled into life in the small southwestern Nebraska Panhandle Village of Bushnell with my wife Deb. Retired from my day job in the fast paced world of technology I planned to slow things down a bit and began to earn my keep as a self-employed handyman. That turned out to be so successful that I could never get to my own projects.
Then, I got into local politics and began to serve on the Board of Trustees for the Village of Bushnell. It's good to 'give back' to the community where you live. Somehow that bug turned into a successful bid for the office of County Commissioner and most all of my 'free' time seemed to vanish. Although the to-do list continues to lengthen they have been significant accomplishments, most notably a three-year project that converted and old horse barn into a unique and cozy bookstore called The Sisters Grimm. This past year, that bookstore has closed, our daughter Jamie moved to Kimball and Deb and I have made our home there. No, I wasn't born in a barn.... but I live in one.
My writing also took a turn and I began writing more prose than poetry. My personal reflections and reminiscences became the material for a weekly newspaper column that evolved into a regular feature-length article of western history. Those articles appeared in the Gering Citizen, the Western Nebraska Observer and the Sidney Sun-Telegraph over nearly seven years. Several of those early essays were combined into a CD titled "Old Barns and Memories".
This past November I released Volume 1 of "101 Yesterdays" and Volume 2 came out in February of 2017.
Currently, In addition to random performances of cowboy poetry, I am researching the history of the Bay State Land and Cattle Company, a ranching conglomerate that at one time occupied the entire southern half of the Nebraska Panhandle. Also in the works is a novel about a half-breed boy, born in Oklahoma Territory near the turn of the nineteenth century and the hardships of his life as a social outcast raised in a violent environment. And there are other projects on the proverbial 'back burners'.
Recently I have assembled a presentation honoring South Dakota's first Poet Laureate, Charles Badger Clark. In a Chautauqua style performance, I portray Badger Clark, telling his stories and reading his poetry as he did in his lectures and presentations.
Cowboy poetry, dramatic readings from stories and essays found in "101 Yesterdays" such as were performed in the days before radio and television, are all available and I would be most honored to be your next choice for wholesome entertainment.  
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