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From the time I was old enough to put that giant, first grade pencil to unbleached paper, so coarse there were still slivers of wood in it, I knew I was a writer. Even today, a blank piece of paper stirs wonderings of what might be waiting to flow from the tip of my pen and leap onto the page. I write because I am a writer, or perhaps I am a writer because I write. I claim no best sellers, no prestigious accolades for wit, wisdom or profound insights into the frailties of men or the powers of the universe. I write what lies on my heart or churns in my gut until it finds its way to the surface, gathers itself together into the rhythm of words and tumbles exposed and naked onto the blank page. The results may be poetry, prose, essay or short story.

I consider myself retired but it seems I’m busier now than ever before. My calling card reads, farmer, rancher, businessman, craftsman, cowboy, entertainer and of course, writer. I reside in the Village of Bushnell, NE with my partner, my soul mate, my hero, my muse, my friend and my passion who also just happens to be my wife, Deb Carpenter Nolting. Our combined families have brought together three beautiful daughters, one son, two sons-in-law, two delightful grandsons and a precious little granddaughter. One day I will finish the novel I’ve been working on for nearly a quarter-century.

            "The Ol' Brass Rivet"

was published in Western Horseman over a decade ago and is still one of Tim's most requested poems.  The following verses give you a "feel" for the poem, which is recorded in its entirety on Tim's CD "Backtrails."

Ol' Levi Strauss he made his mark,
by rivetin' our jeans.
He said he done it to keep us all
from bustin' out the seams.

I reckon he was plum correct,
'cause they took a lotta strain.
'Cept there was one ol' rivet put,
where it caused a lot of pain.

Now I'll tell you where that rivet was,
'cause that's where this story starts.
It was right where all the corners meet,
'neath a feller's private parts.


Tim Nolting
P.O. Box 68
Bushnell, NE  69128

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